Comprehensive leasing service of Multimodal Tank Containers around the World.
Our company fleet of intermodal equipment, produced by the leaders of the tank container industry, is available for lease worldwide. With a fleet of 7,200 tank container TANKGO offers the safest and most cost-efficient way for the transport and storage of liquids and gases.
Our strong team with 10 years’ work experience offers a number of services to simplify the tank container leasing process, we are always glad to offer competitive rates and personal touch to your every project. We endeavor for stronger service capability than our competitor, committed to creating for our customers better quality values at lower cost in a more efficient way.
Our fleet is 7,200 high-quality and reliable equipment, produced by world leading manufacturer of key equipment used in the energy, chemical and food industries for the transport and storage of liquids and gases.
Our experts will work closely with you to define the technical, commercial, and operational needs of your project and ensure, that the equipment supplied will fully meet all the criteria for the safe movement of your product.
Different range of equipment for liquid food grade and chemical products available for lease offers flexibility and optimization for your business.
Our individual approach for your project is based on our knowledge, experience and our awareness of the market.
Our customers are the most important value, so we promptly reply to all our customers’ enquiries.
Fleet of Tank Container
Standard Tank Containers
Standard tank containers are used in the chemical and food industries for transporting hazardous chemicals and food grade products. We glad to offer standard UN Portable Tank with capacity range from 21m3 to 26m3.
Swap Body Tank Containers
Swap body tank containers are a flexible and efficient option for transporting liquids, commonly used in the chemical and food industries. This type of tank containers has a higher capacity in comparison with the usual one. Due to this, the length of the tank exceeds the standard size of 20’. It can be successfully used for transporting light products in a larger volume.
Liquid Tank Containers
Baffled tank containers are designed to transport products with a filling degree below 80%, which is achieved by the presence of internal dividers, or baffles, that help to stabilize the liquid and that help to reduce the movement and sloshing of liquid cargo during transportation.
Food Grade Tank Containers
Food-grade tank containers are designed for transporting liquid food products, equipped with safety features to maintain quality, and widely used in the food and beverage industry.
Gas Tank Containers
Gas tank containers are designed for safe transportation and temporary storage of uncooled liquefied gases and chemical products under the pressure, equipped with safety features, and widely used in the chemical, oil and gas industry.
Lease Solutions
Long term lease
The main direction of our business. Having a huge experience, we are able to provide comfortable fixed lease terms for 3 years and more.
Lease to own
The main direction of our business. Having a huge experience, we are able to provide comfortable fixed lease terms for 3 years and more.
Short term lease
The main direction of our business. Having a huge experience, we are able to provide comfortable fixed lease terms for 3 years and more.
Industries & Markets

Chemical industry

The chemical industry is an essential player in the global economy and is responsible for producing a wide range of products, including industrial chemicals, fertilizers, plastics and pharmaceuticals. One of the primary challenges faced by chemical manufacturers is the safe and efficient transportation of their products from the production facility to end-users. Tank containers have become the preferred mode of transportation for many chemical companies due to their multimodality and efficiency and play a critical role in the safe and efficient transportation of chemicals in the global economy.


Food grade tank containers are used exclusively for the transportation of food products. A 20′ Food Grade container is an excellent product when you need more storage space for food, or want a cost-effective mode of transport. The tanks are used for transporting and storing liquid food products, e.g. hot chocolate, beer and ale, water and milk. The tanks of standard containers are made of stainless steel, with insulation.

Distribution and logistics

Tank containers are designed to carry liquids, gases, and powders in bulk quantities, and they come in various sizes to accommodate different loads and transportation needs. An undeniable advantage of tank containers is the ability to be transported by multiple modes of transportation, such as road, rail, and sea. Intermodal transportation allows the containers to move seamlessly between different regions and countries, making them an ideal solution for global supply chain operations.
Environmentally friendly
Tank containers have become an important tool for transporting and storing and chemicals, fuels, and other liquids. Tank Containers are made of modern materials resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors, this not only extends the life of the container but also reduces the risk of spills and other accidents that could harm the environment. The materials used to manufacture tank containers can also be recycled more than 95%, so we can significantly reduce our impact on the environment and preserve our planet for future generations.
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